DO NOT WAIT - Renew your Club / AWSC membership now.

It takes weeks to renew memberships through our club and AWSC and then get your membership cards sent to you. Please renew now.
◦Remember you must be a current member to get the $10 trail passes from AWSC. Check out the AWSC website for details on ordering your trail passes.
◦If you sent your membership money in and you haven't received your membership card it doesn't mean you are not signed up. Go to the AWSC website and try to order your trail pass(s). If it goes through you are signed up. Your membership number does not change from year to year. It can be found on your
yellow membership card and on the WSN magazine label
◦If the snowmobile season has started and you forget to renew your membership and you want us to rush the renewal through AWSC it will cost an additional $5.00.
◦If you are a Wisconsin resident and AWSC sent you a nonresident trail pass by mistake they will correct the problem and send you the correct resident trail pass.